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this is a ziam blog. you have been warned. this isn't my main blog so if you want to know about other things in my life besides these two idiots in love, then you can ask for my personal blog if you feel so inclined.

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i was smiling for no reason

wow i’m so sorry i’m such a slacker. i haven’t actually worked on any fics or anything and i’m just being generally lazy on my main account and yeah. if you guys want to put up with my insanity there i need more zayn/liam in my life and you are more than welcome to follow me and talk to me there.

oh also here’s my livejournal in case i write any time soon.

The walk to Zayn’s room is short; they tend to all stay on the same floor whenever they can, and they pause at the door while Zayn fishes his key from his pocket. Liam is steadfastly not thinking about how close he’s standing to Zayn. How he can feel the heat of Zayn’s body against his chest. How he spent most of the movie watching how Zayn looked with his head on Liam’s shoulder. The shadow Zayn’s eyelashes cast against his cheek.

The door beeps softly, and Zayn cracks it open. He leans back against the jamb and Liam is struck again by how handsome Zayn is. The light blue t-shirt he has on is old, slightly pulled out at the neck and Liam can see the design of Zayn’s tattoos against his collarbone. He wonders if it would be soft if he were to touch him there, or hot where the ink thrums under his skin.




he’s so cute omg I want to hug him and never let go


he’s so cute omg I want to hug him and never let go

arrangednoise said: omg your ziam smut was ~incredible

omg thank you so much!!!!!

to make it up to the anon and anyone else who is waiting for me to get my ass in gear and finish the university au, i am linking my smutty ziam fic here.

enjoy and stuff. hope it’s a’ight.


Liam at Heathrow


a photoset of liam’s adorable smile                                  -anonymous 

Anonymous said: are you still writing that ziam university au?

yes, technically! i haven’t worked on it in a while. but i definitely plan on finishing it one of these days. (i got sidetracked by writing smut, oops.)