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this is a ziam blog. you have been warned. this isn't my main blog so if you want to know about other things in my life besides these two idiots in love, then you can ask for my personal blog if you feel so inclined.

i was smiling for no reason

so here’s a giant fic rec list that’s always being updated by yours truly. if you want to see a fic on here that is not present, then feel free to submit me a link or ten!!!! i’m always looking for more ziam fics to read. also, i apologize ahead of time if any of these fics are friends-locked.

slipped into my pocket with my car keys pg-15

language kink nc-17

until i found your hands r

size differential kink nc-17

welcome home r

it’s not that simple nc-17

the intricacies of your palms pg

in these walls we call home pg

i’m yours tonight nc-17

missing pg

in which liam controls zayn’s libido nc-17

and the wind almost took me away pg-13

in the circle of spice and cigarettes pg

i fell in love next to you pg

float on pg-13

perks to an early start pg-13

why don’t you trace it on my hand r

the visible beauty of a voice that sings pg-13

the difference between knowing and knowing nc-17

the one where zayn is a solo hip-hop artist and liam is a big fan pg-13

cigarette smoking kink (ish) pg-13

time for some action nc-17

boldness be my friend pg-13

[WIP] say it out loud, nc-17 (part one) (part two) (part three) (part four) (part five) (part six) (part seven) (part eight)

maybe one day they will mean something, r (part one) (part two)

[WIP] engagement fill pg-13

crawled out of the sea (and straight into my arms) nc-17

colour you in, nc-17 (part one) (part two) (part three) (part four)

rest your weary head pg-13

inhale, exhale nc-17

basic blowjob fic is basic nc-17

just to occupy one minute of your day pg-13

smarties and awkwardness pg

coloring my senses nc-17

under the mistletoe pg-13

when you get it just right your jupiter rings again pg-13

kiss me like you wanna be loved r

wake me up nc-17

we keep burning but we’re no stars nc-17

let go of old aches nc-17

sunday, wake up r

i don’t love you but i always will r

we belong to the sea pg-13

love the way you lie pg-13

the boy who blocked his own shot pg-13

his hips don’t lie pg-13, sequel: take care of you nc-17

stop thinking so much pg-13

keeping the stars apart, pg-13 (part one) (part two) (part three) (part four) (part five) (part six)

wake me up nc-17

until my hands can reach across pg-13

just so you know pg

lovestoned pg-15

right in the moment (let me fall) nc-17

promises, swear them to the sky pg-13

words on cardboard r

baby, you light up my world r

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